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The Law Office of Michael Horowitz represents families, children, and parents in family law cases including child custody, neglect/abuse cases, child support, and parenting time enforcement. Attorney Horowitz also defends indigent parents by appointment through various Michigan counties and Alaska state agencies. His practice also provides representation to parents appealing the termination of their parental rights in the Michigan and Alaska appellate courts.

Attorney Horowitz has successfully resolved juvenile delinquency cases, child neglect and abuse cases involving the Michigan Office of Children Services and Department of Health and Human Services, and child support matters. Attorney Horowitz has also successfully defended against personal protection orders in the probate court.

People faced with these cases should not be misled by the friendly term “family law.” These cases tend to be extremely complicated and involve very specific rules and regulations. Additionally, when the state government is involved in these cases, the state will no doubt be represented by a capable attorney or other specialist. Furthermore, although these cases do not involve the potential of imprisonment, the stakes can clearly be very high: how much time you spend with your children, how much money is removed from your paycheck, and in some cases, whether you retain your parental rights.

Which means: people involved in these cases need effective and competent counsel. An attorney can help you navigate the system, mitigate unfavorable outcomes, and help you take control of your life. The Law Office of Michael Horowitz can provide that help. And if you cannot hire an attorney, ask the court for assistance. In many cases the court can appoint an attorney. A local bar association or legal clinic might also be able to help you find pro bono representation.

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The Law Office of Michael Horowitz is located in the ABS Building, the newly renovated building with the American Flag/Eagle-shingled roof right off the Brownson/M-113 intersection in downtown Kingsley (behind Thirlby Automotive and across M-113 from Subway).

108 E. Main St. Kingsley, MI 49649

(231) 263-8333

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