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PAC organized to reform criminal justice system by electing new prosecutors

In a February 26, 2018 email, organizer Shaun King wrote: 

Our nation has 2,400 elected prosecutors. Not thousands, but millions and millions of cases come through these 2,400 offices every single year. And it is these elected prosecutors who decide not just whether or not violent or corrupt cops are prosecuted, but these prosecutors decide how seriously to take those cases and how many staff members to put on them.
These prosecutors are 95% white, 81% male, and only 1% of them are women of color. They are also, as you can imagine, overwhelmingly conservative. Hundreds of them are effectively serving what amounts to unofficial lifetime appointments because they basically run unopposed term after term.
Some of these prosecutors have been in office for over 30 years. And they wouldn’t know a serious challenge if it smacked them in the face. That’s where we come in!
No position in all of politics is more overdue for a complete reboot than that of America’s 2,400 District Attorneys. It’s ripe for innovation. And we are going to be the ones who make that innovation happen. 

King explained that "[e]lecting 2,400 progressive, reform-minded prosecutors is a mammoth task and will require grassroots organizing on a scale that has never quite been done before" and that he joined forced with The Real Justice PAC for this undertaking

King also provided a link where people can make contributions and noted that "last year the NRA had a budget of over $300 million."

It will be interesting to watch this develop.


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